Berry & Lizzie Huffman
Berry & Lizzie Huffman

From the many revelations given about Berry, from his relatives
 and neighbors, they all account of him as being a person of strong character; highly principled and a devout Christian.  He was superintendent of the sunday school, at Fort Hull, AME Zion Church for many years.  He enthralled the young people with his dynamic manner of telling the bible stories.  Berry, had long white silky hair.  He would look some what

like the late Frederick Douglass (Black abolistionist) in his appearance.


Although he had a meager formal education, he had a deep thirst for knowledge and he read everything he could find, which was sparse to find in those days.  He made up for his education shortcomings by being very dignified.  All in all, he was an impressive man.


In 1882‑1890, Berry was a special consultant to

Booker T. Washington in the founding of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute. 

Written by Willie Whitehead, Sr.