Polly and George Williams


Polly and George were reared in the same community of Armstrong, Alabama, and they grew up knowing each other. 


George was affectionately called "Bud” by those who knew him.  He was by all accounts a hard worker, and  an outstanding farmer.  Aunt Polly recalls that during the presidency of  Dr. R. Moton, Tuskeegee Industrial and Normal Institute, George won the cherished and distinguished award as the best farmer in Macon County for that particular year.


This was a coveted award and there was always keen competition among the farmers from year to year.  The award was traditionally given during the annual Farmers' Day activities at  Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute around commencement time.


George,  and Polly also ran a milk diary farm and supplied the milk requirements for the newly found Veterans Administration Hospital at Tuskegee. (Tuskegee VA Hospital was established in 1923).   Actually, George was a sub contractor to a Mr. Vale (White) who had the contract, it was George who furnished the milk.