Virtual Family Reunion via Zoom
June 25, 2020
5 months and 7 days since
our celebration.
Update August 21, 2020

Hello Family

I have great news to share with you! Please read this message 
in full and detail. Your assistance and participation is needed. 
Cousin Andrew Ellington is taking on a very important and needed 
task concerning the entire WHEW family. He will be managing a 
new committee called the "WHEW Family Outreach & Connections 
Committee". The mission statement for this committee is as follows..... 
We are committed to building relationships with WHEW Family 
members in order to provide a sense of connection and belonging. 
The goal of this committee is 
"To Create an Exciting and Supportive WHEW Family Network 
as well as Increasing the level of participation in our Reunions". 

What do we need from you? We are looking for a minimum of 
two hopefully more excited and enthusiastic persons from each 
family line to be a part of this committee lead by Cousin Andrew. 
Two from the Whitehead Clan, two from the Huffman Clan, two 
from the Ellington Clan, and two from the Williams Clan. 
Age and length of time you have been involved with WHEW or 
the number of reunions you have attended is not a factor.

 As matter of fact we are looking for new as well as seasoned family 
members. New participants can bring new ideas as well as other 
new family members. We are asking for your support. We need your 
support this will not work without your participation. Andrew has started 
a fire within me because of his sincere love of our family and his desire
to bring us all closer together. How can you not just admire, and respect 
him for being who he is and stand ready to help him bring us all closer 
together as a family. He knows it will be hard work yet he welcomes the 
task with open arms. This is very important. So roll up your sleeves and 
get ready to work!!! 
To volunteer to be a part of this new committee please respond 
via email to the following WHEW email address.  Please include 
your name address and telephone number and what branch of 
the WHEW Family you represent.  Also ask others that may not 
be on social media to consider joining the committee. 

I as your elected President of the WHEW Family Reunion Committee 
will be counting on your participation!!! As Cousin Andrew has told me 
"Many Hands makes the Task Easier". We need many hands! 
Always Remember no matter what is happening in the World we will 
always be Family and will be Family when the Tide Rises and Falls. 
Be Safe! Get out and Vote! Do your part to make our family better. 
Always wishing you the best and WHEW Love!
Moses B. Whitlow, Jr. WHEW Family Reunion President

Update Regarding 2020 Reunion and COVID-19 

May 20,2020
We are looking forward to you participating in the
2020 WHEW Virtual Reunion! Below is the reunion itinerary.
Please take the time to print a copy of the reunion brochure 
(see link below) and share it with family members.
The reunion will take place using the Zoom Platform.  We 
suggest you download the Zoom App. Visit for more 
information about Zoom. Note: You do not need to purchase a Zoom
subscription to acess the reunion.  

Very Important!
To access the reunion via zoom, we need your email 
address. This will allow us to email you the link to the 
reunion along with the access ID and password.  With this 
email you just have to click on the link or type in the ID 
and password on your computer/tablet or smartphone using 
the Zoom app/or account.  This is the easiest way to access 
the virtual reunion. Send your email address, mailing address 
and telephone number to or 
complete registration form on this website. You can find it
listed in the site menu on the left side of the page.

2020 WHEW Virtual Family Reunion Itinerary
Thursday, June 25th
7pm -- Meet/ Greet & Welcome Reception
MC: Moses Whitlow, WHEW President
Opening Prayer – Bria Rochelle
Video Stream of Family Photos
WHEW Chatroom
Friday June 26th
7pm -- Meet/ Greet & Welcome Reception
8pm -- Family Game Night
MC:  LaShunda Smith & Tonya Ahmed
WHEW Chatroom
Saturday June 27th
1pm -- Family Meeting
2pm -- Family Awards Celebration
(Prepare your meal/snack and join us!)
7pm --  Family Party & Dinner
Special guest DJ
Sunday June 28th
12:noon -- Family Prayer and Closing Ceremony
 Family Prayer MC : Blanche Holmes
Closing Remarks: Moses Whitlow

Note the above times are in Eastern Standard Time.  Please
convert the times to your time zone.

(click below to download/print a copy)

 2020 WHEW Virtual Reunion  

WHEW News and Achievement Form

WHEW Scholarship Application Form
Please submit by June 18, 2020



March 2020 Update

Hello Family!

The reunion committee has decided to have the family reunion virtually this year. The COVID-19 virus has made it too dangerous to travel and to be in groups without the possibility of being exposed to the virus. We love everybody in this family and it is too great a risk to endanger anyone. I will cancel the main hotel reservation today with Embassy Suites Airport in Nashville. We are in the process of vetting a web conference tool that will allow hundreds of people to collaborate in real time online. This is an opportunity for more family members than ever to meet and greet one another and establish new bonds without leaving the comfort of your private space. You will be able to join by smartphone or computer. Envision this situation as a way to adapt, persist, overcome, and THRIVE! Imagine what our forefathers and mothers endured. We are living proof they adapted, persisted, overcame and ultimately THRIVED. Let's honor them, let's keep moving forward, up and over obstacles, around the mountain, through the valley, and crossing the river to the other side! Are you with me! Let's go!


Now this is what I need from you.......

  • Ideas about agenda topics during the online reunion example: Discuss and share Family tree information as far back as possible and connecting the present family members.
  • Help elderly and all family members that may not be comfortable with this type of technology. We want all to participate. The tool will have live video and audio capability with a designated moderator. We are going to provide links so any and all can join that desire too.
  • Get the word out everyone tell and invite someone
  • If you have paid your dues we will refund them or we will hold them for next year your choice contact the family treasurer and she will assist you.
  • We are freezing the normal reunion dues until next year. What we are asking for is $25.00 per household this year. We are going to use these funds for scholarships, recognitions of achievement of family members, purchase of software for the web collaboration tool and seed money for next years reunion. See information below regarding how to send in your fee. We are going to stick with Nashville for next year.  
  • I will share more information on this platform as we progress in new territory for this years reunion are you excited? I am!!!!


WHEW family love to all!

Moses B. Whitlow, Jr. (Son of Gertrude Lorraine Colvert-Whitlow)

Here's how you can send in your $25 fee:  

  Cash App:

US Postal Service:
Checks should be made out to:
Nadriane Parker
4274 Fiddler Bend
Loganville, GA 30052
Please add the notation: WHEW Reunion 2020



Hello Family! I would like to provide an update regarding the 2020 WHEW Family Reunion. The COVID-19 virus has negatively impacted the entire Globe. The reunion committee met this weekend to discuss the upcoming reunion and the topic of discussion was how to move forward during this uncertain time period. We are focusing on safety first for the entire family we do not want to place anyone in harms way at all or expose them unnecessarily to the virus via travel or lodging. We are hoping this Pandemic is under control before the reunion but we will have to make a decision way ahead of June whether to move forward as planned or change all together. We are discussing several options. Next priority is to keep the 40+ year streak of continuous WHEW Family Reunions unbroken. We want the next generation of 40 years to be able to say we have been gathering with family for 80 years. We will have a decision mid to late April regarding the WHEW reunion. All the hotels and transport options are allowing people to back out with out penalty due to the COVID-19 crisis. So please be patient we will continue to provide updates here. In some form or fashion with today's technology we will be together virtually if we can't be together physically. Please spread the word to family members to standby for updates.


WHEW Family Reunion President

Moses B. Whitlow, Jr. (Great Grandson of Wally Ellington)

 More details will be available 
in the future . . .


WE look forwad to your participation!


WHEW Officers
Moses Whitlow, President
Brian Slay, Vice President
Lysandra Whitlow, Secretary
Nadriane Stringer Parker, Treasurer
Cornelius Smith, Historian







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